Special Event Parking

Parking passes are available to all UTM Departments to accommodate visitors and
guests, including for events. Daytime passes are $7.00 each. Evening (after 3:30pm
Mon-Fri) and Weekend passes are available for $6.00 each.

Purchases can be made in-person at the parking office (located in Alumni House,
RM 108) by credit or debit, or via departmental charge by sending a request to
parking.utm.utoronto.ca that includes the CC/CFC information to be processed.

In special circumstances, a request can be made to the CAO’s office for a paid
parking exemption by completing the form below. Please send the completed form to:

Parking Lots
P4 – 725 Spaces  Can accommodate visitors/guests.
P8 – 934 Spaces  Can accommodate visitors/guests.
P9 – 235 Spaces  Can accommodate visitors/guests.
P11 – 62 Spaces  Can accommodate visitors/guests.

P5 – 237 Spaces. Reserved for permit holders only Mon-Fri 8am-5pm.
Can accommodate visitors/guests evenings & weekends.

CCT Underground Garage – 360 Spaces. Very busy weekdays.
Can accommodate visitors/guests evenings & weekends.

P1 – 33 Spaces. Reserved for permit holders only Mon-Fri 8am-5pm, very busy
evenings/weekends. Generally not able to accommodate visitors/guests.

P6, P7, P10 – Resident Parking. Strictly reserved at all times.

Accessible Parking – There are 45 Accessible parking spaces across campus in
most lots (except for P4 & P11). These spaces are available to anyone with a valid
MTO Accessible parking permit and ANY valid UTM parking permit, pass or paid receipt,
regardless of what lot the UTM permit is for.

Paid Parking Exemption Request Form