Purchase a Parking Permit


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Permits continue to be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.  Availability in a particular lot is not guaranteed.

Annual permits will expire August 31, 2023

Should I purchase a Permit or use P&D?

Permit Location: Current Permit Cost (Sept 2022) P&D Daily Rate for Area If On Campus One Day Per Week or Less
P4, P8 $821.18 $15.00

Use P&D

P9 $930.40 $17.50 Use P&D
P1 $1206.74 Day Parking by Permit Only Buy Permit
P5 $1171.59 Day Parking by Permit Only Buy Permit
CCT Garage $1453.01 $20.00 Use P&D
4 month (Sept-Dec) $342.15 $15.00

Use P&D

Question:  Is there a special discounted rate for permits since many may not be on campus daily?

Answer:  There is no special rate or discount for those who are not on campus daily.  All lots are operational, maintained and available.  In some cases, it will be preferable to use Pay & Display instead of purchasing a permit. For those who plan to be on campus at least one day a week on average, a permit is often the recommended choice.  On the other hand, for those who are on campus 5 days per week, purchasing an unreserved permit, for example, results in a cost of only $3.32 per day, compared to the daily Pay & Display rate of $15

Question: If individuals don’t purchase a pass at the start of the year, because they may continue to study/work at home, can they purchase it later in the year at a pro-rated price?

Answer: Yes, remaining permits can be purchased throughout the year and would be prorated on a monthly basis.

Question: I’m a UTM student.  Will I be charged for the U-Pass or shuttle?

Answer: The U-Pass service is administered by the University of Toronto Mississauga Students’ Union and the University of Toronto Mississauga Association for Graduate Students.  Current information regarding the status of this program can be found here:


MiWay, Brampton Transit, Oakville Transit, GO Transit and the Toronto Transit Commission municipal services are expected to continue operations. The Brampton Transit express service between the Brampton Gateway Terminal and UTM is suspended.

The UTM shuttle services to/from the St. George campus and Sheridan College are currently suspended.