Register a New Vehicle

Register a new vehicle by completing the form below.

CCT Permits MUST be updated in the parking office as your new plate number must be included on your permit.

Must be a current UTM Parking Permit Holder (staff, faculty or student)

Once you have submitted your form, you may start using your permit in the new vehicle immediately. 

Please ensure that your parking permit is clearly displayed at all times when parking on campus and transferred between registered vehicles accordingly.

If you would like any additional Velcro for your permit, please stop by the Parking Office during our office hours.

NOTE: This feature is for UTM staff/faculty and student permits only. This webform does not work for Athletic parking permits. To add a new vehicle to your athletic parking permit, you must visit the RAWC membership desk with your permit and vehicle ownership.

Permit holder's name
Must be a UTM staff, faculty or student
Enter current permit number (***not valid for athletic parking permits***)
Enter the new vehicle plate number (i.e. ABCD123)
Year of the vehicle
Make of the vehicle (i.e. Honda, Toyota, Ford)
Model of the vehicle (i.e. Civic, Camry, Escape)
Color of the vehicle
Name of the person who owns the vehicle
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