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U of T Mississauga is a proud member of Smart Commute Mississauga and a 2016 Smart Commute GOLD Workplace

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Physical activity is a critical component of staying healthy. Yet every day, people are passing up free opportunities to exercise by choosing to drive instead of using active options including walking or cycling. 

We can help! The Active Switch interactive online tool allows users to:

Set a goal: Definable goals help you stay on track. Every minute, step and kilometre counts towards achieving your goal.

Track progress: Measuring the progress towards your goal is easy with the detailed dashboard. Track your personal goal and monitor your progress to make sure you're on the right track.

Stay motivated: The kilometres you log will be converted to illustrate the amount of calories you have burned and greenhouse gas emissions you have saved. Feel good about your progress and keep moving.

Reap the rewards: Log your active trips for a chance to win prizes!

Let's get active! The time is now.

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Smart Commute Tool

The Smart Commute tool is a trip planning program that allows users to explore commute options, match trips with others and track personal impact. Find your carpool partner on the UTM Smart Commute tool and track your impact. Register a free account at  or login today!

Student Emergency Ride Home Program

As a student at the University of Toronto Mississauga, you are eligible for the Emergency Ride Home Program. If you have an unforeseen emergency on the day you carpool to campus, you have the opportunity to arrange your own ride home via taxi, public transit, or rental car. Expenses, once approved by the UTM Transportation Office & Smart Commute, will be reimbursed up to $75 for each emergency. Click here to download the Emergency Ride Home Program Package & Reimbursement Form. Restrictions apply.

Faculty & Staff Emergency Ride Home Program

Fear being stranded at work in case of a personal emergency or unexpected overtime? Simply arrange your own ride home via taxi, rental car or public transit and submit your Emergency Ride Home claim at    

Smart Commute will cover the cost of the fare up to a maximum of $75 per ride. Restrictions apply.

Full Smart Commute Programs

Click here for a Students Smart Commute Program Information Package

Click here for a Faculty & Staff Smart Commute Program Information Package