Carpool Program

To qualify for the U of T Mississauga Carpool Program, at least 2 (two) registered car owners, both of whom must be UTM community members (students, faculty or staff), join together to form a carpool. They will bring one of their respective vehicles to campus at a time, therefore, sharing the parking space and the cost of the parking permit.

Carpool Definition

A valid carpool for U of T Mississauga is a group of two or more people who:

  • Live off-campus

  • Each of whom must have at least one vehicle registered on the carpool permit 

  • Have registered with the U of T Mississauga Parking and Transportation Office

How to Apply

For 2021-2022, Carpool Applications will be processed online ( Only one (1) carpool partner needs to apply for the carpool group. An area is provided to identify the member(s) of your group. Do not process more than one online order per carpool group - otherwise, multiple fees will be assessed.



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