Office of Communications

Courtyard between CCT and Davis BuildingThe Office of Communications is the proactive voice of the University of Toronto Mississauga.

Working collaboratively and strategically with academic and administrative units across the campus as well as with our community partners and media, we enhance understanding and support of U of T Mississauga locally, provincially, nationally and internationally.

Core responsibilities include:

  • Media relations
  • Broad-based internal and external communications
  • Marketing
  • Strategic communications

University of Toronto Mississauga Marketing Guides and Standards

The University of Toronto Mississauga Office of Communications handles all broad-based marketing initiatives on campus including branding, visual identity standards and advertising. For more information, please visit our Digital Toolkit


For guidance and approval of print and electronic materials, please contact:

Jane Stirling
Director, Marketing and Communications
U of T Mississauga

Nicolle Wahl
Assistant Director, Communications (digital)
U of T Mississauga

Blake Eligh
Communications Officer
U of T Mississauga