Financial Matters

Funds & FReDS

Each time UTRS creates a research fund, they simultaneously create a funded-research digest, also known as a FReD. The FReD provides the principal investigator and his/her Administrative Coordinator with all the details of the award, including any budgetary restrictions. Copies of FReDs are no longer mailed directly to principal investigators, but FReDs may be printed by the Administrative Coordinators.

One of the most important details provided on the FReD is the ‘Fund End Date’. Keen researchers will ensure that the grant award has been entirely spent by the fund end date, whenever possible.

My Research Online

My Research On Line (MROL) is a web-based system that allows principal investigators to view their FReDs, the balance of their research funds, and the details of expenses that have been charged to their funds. Researchers must complete an MROL Access Form to request access to their secure page on the MRO database, and the form must be signed by the faculty’s Chair and Administrative Coordinator. Researchers are accountable for any funds that they may receive, and a standard expectation is that all accounts are reviewed monthly. Account review requires formal action by way of clicking on a specific acknowledgement button that the account(s) has been reviewed.

Administrative Coordinators

Need to hire a research assistant?

Want to order a computer?

Get advice from the Administrative Coordinator!

The Administrative Coordinators are vital resource people for new faculty, as they are intimately familiar with the day-to-day administrative issues regarding research grants. For instance, most grants are subject to rules regarding eligible and ineligible expenses, and the University of Toronto itself has policies and procedures to govern travel, equipment purchases and hiring. The Administrative Coordinators are experts at navigating the guidelines and policies, so it is the wise grant-holder who seeks their counsel when preparing the budgetary section of grant applications and after the grant has been awarded. The Research Office also can provide assistance in explaining policies and guidelines related to development of budget proposals.

Administrative Accountability Report

The University of Toronto’s primary accountability tool for principal investigators is the Administrative Accountability Report, which lists the researchers’ financial, ethical and human resource management accountability responsibilities. All principal investigators must complete and sign the form annually. Typically the Administrative Coordinator and Chair will coordinate the collection of these reports. All policies, procedures and guidelines mentioned in the Accountability Report are available for access on-line.