Book learning at MBiotech

Wednesday, June 2, 2010 - 9:08am
Brittney Hall

Magdalena Choruzy and Bahram Behnan Azad are both graduates of U of T Mississauga's MBiotech program, and have been able to explore many aspects of the business world through a scientific lens.

Now, they've had the unique experience of writing two chapters in a soon-to-be-released textbook.
Andrew Maxwell, a professor of technology entrepreneurship, approached the two students after speaking to the publishers of the book.

It's a biotechnology book that deals with case studies, says Choruzy. Both students were assigned to separate companies to develop a business plan to help the organization solve a problem. After observing the companies and identifying a main issue they built case studies and tied them into the chapter that they co-wrote with Maxwell, their professor and mentor throughout the experience, says Azad.

Azad did his case study with Airway Tools Company Inc. My company [had] more of a foundation problem. They had the technology ... they had the experience, but they never thought of the legal aspect, says Azad.

Choruzy studied with Lumina Life Sciences Inc., a new company with a financial problem. She worked directly with Dr. Arjen Bogaards, the president of Lumina and the inventor of a tumor visualization and removal technology. The device was developed by the University Health Network, which wanted to patent the product, and held the rights to do so. The main issue was who was going to pay for those pieces of equipment, and if there were legal implications with University Health Network.

We gained a more broad experience ... and a taste of what we wanted to do, says Choruzy. Azad and Choruzy both worked on their respective chapters for about four months. Their deadline was in February, with the release date of the book to be announced.