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Welcome to Your Timeline! This page will guide you step-by-step through the to-do items in preparation for your university experience. Regularly refer to the checklists on this page by clicking their respective photso. You can download each checklist, check off items as you complete them, and track your progress!

Your Timeline is broken down into 5 Phases:

  1. First Steps to UTM (recommended February to May)
  2. The Essentials (recommended early June)
  3. Course Enrolment (recommended mid-June to July)
  4. One-Month Countdown (recommended early August)
  5. Preparing for Class (recommended mid-August to September)

Each Phase has a recommended completion timeframe. If, for any reason, you miss or are unable to complete the steps in that time, not to worry! Most items can be completed on an ongoing basis. 

Note that the checklists work best in Chrome or Firefox browsers with Adobe Reader installed.

Phase 1: First Steps to UTM

Phase 1 is made up of a variety of topics, including accepting your offer of admission, taking a tour of the campus, and completing your application to live in Residence (if applicable). The recommended timeframe for completing this phase is from February-May.

Phase 2: The Essentials

In Phase 2, it's time to pick up your TCard and get connected with the campus and its supports. This includes activating your UTORid and student email, accessing course advising, and connecting with your fellow incoming class through social media. Don't forget to complete your Residence application if you're planning to live here! The recommended timeframe for completing this phase is early June, but you can still pick up your TCard and complete the subsequent steps when you arrive on campus.

New Student Checklist Phase 2                            

Phase 3: Course Enrolment

Course enrolment is a huge part of pre-arrival, so an entire phase is dedicated to preparing for it. Note that course registration begins on July 6. The recommended timeframe for completing this phase is mid-June to July.

Checklist coming soon!

Phase 4: 1-Month Countdown

Your last month before arriving can be busy. Phases 4 and 5 help simplify the process. Be sure to meet the fee payment deadline and register for orientation! The recommended timeframe for completing this phase is early August.

New Student Checklist Phase 4

Phase 5: Preparing for Class

In Phase 5, it's time to tie up loose ends through a two-page checklist. Prepare for class by picking up your transit pass, collecting your course syllabi, buying textbooks, attending orientation, and more. The recommended timeframe for completing this phase is mid-August to early September.

New Student Checklist Phase 5

Get Help

For all of your questions about orientation and transition support, the Centre for Student Engagement is here to help. Let us be your guide through the pre-arrival process! We'll do our best connect you with the information you need.

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