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Meet your Advisors

Make sure to meet with your advisor at least once in your first year!

Undergraduate Program Coordinator (and student advising): Lisa Peden -

Preparing for Culture, Communication, Information and Technology

At the Institute of Communication, Culture, Information and Technology, we want to encourage you to participate in two opportunities created specifically for YOU: ICCIT Orientation @ O-Week, and LAUNCH! We have seen how these programs have benefited our students in the past and cannot recommend them more. Be sure to register soon to reserve your spots.

ICCIT Departmental Orientation:

Register for O-Week here!

Everyone is encouraged to attend this important orientation event. Meet other new students, first year faculty, and learn about academic expectations. 

utm103H5F LAUNCH: Humanities and Social Science

Date: Weekly during the Fall term
Time and Room: There are 6 sections to choose from!
Register: Register for utm103H5F on ACORN.

Did you know that there is a hanging speech bubble at UTM? Do you know how to study effectively? Did you know that you can use up to 6GB of internet bandwidth per day while on campus?

Whenever starting a new journey, there are always tips and tricks to making that journey easier and more fun. Who's better at providing these tips and tricks than someone who has already been through the entire experience?

LAUNCH pairs you with a successful upper-year mentor in your academic discipline to assist you in transitioning successfully to UTM.

Here’s how LAUNCH can help you as a CCIT student:

  • Are you interested in meeting people studying in your field?
  • Do you want to develop your critical and creative thinking?
  • Would you like to learn how to be academically successful?
  • Do you want to find out about campus resources available to students?
  • Do you want make friends and learn about ways to relax and have fun on campus?

LAUNCH is not-for-credit - there is no homework, assignments, or tests! Instead, earn a notation on your Co-Curricular Record (CCR) for completing, in addition to learning some valuable skills, making friends, and having a good time!

Don’t miss out on all the fun! LAUNCH into your UTM experience with us!

Program Entry Requirements

Choosing a Subject POSt

Students request their programs at the end of their first year, as all UofT students are admitted to a general first year program (such as Life Sciences or Humanities). You need to complete a minimum of 4.0 credits as well as any other program enrollment criteria (such as CGPA) before you can be considered for entry into a program. Please refer to the Subject POSt Guide for more information.

ICCIT Program Requirements

All ICCIT programs are CGPA or grade required programs. We strongly encourage you to attend the "I wish I known in the First Year about ICCIT Workshop" held every September in the second week of classes.



  • CCT109H5,
  • CCT110H5
  • If you are thinking you may want to pursue DEM but are not sure, then you are encouraged to also take MGM101 and MGM102.


  • CCT109H5
  • CCT110H5
  • MGM101H5
  • MGM102H5


  • WRI203 (can be taken in the first year)
  • You can also take some 300 level WRI courses in "S" semester if you complete WRI203 in the “F” semester.
  • Many of the professional writing students also take CCT109H5 and CCT110H5 in their first year as well.

Getting Involved with Your Department

Meet the Profs Night!

An annual event where you get to meet your ICCIT profs for the next four years.  Check the ICCIT website for this year's date, location and details.

Academic Societies - ICCIT Council and DEM Association

ICCIT Council endeavors to represent the interests of all CCIT/DEM/PWC/IDM students. Their social and academic events seek to build a strong culture within ICCIT programs. This includes students ICCIT Specialists, majors and first year students taking CCT109 and 110.

ICCIT Council Website

The DEM society labours to empower, inspire and connect students with one another. They provide the student community with a space to cultivate and develop their interest in business and technology, by providing access to networking, critical thinking, and problem solving opportunities. 

DEM Association Website

Get Help

Have questions?  Visit the ICCIT website.

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