Elective Courses

In Year 2, students will select their courses from a prescribed list of course offerings. Students have the opportunity to customize the program based on personal interests. Elective offerings are subject to change and are dependent on the approval of the home department.

Here is a sample list of elective offerings:

  • MUI 2010H Sectoral Analysis
  • MUI 2030H Planning for Jobs: Labour Market Transformations and Employment in 21st Century Cities
  • MUI 2040H Real Estate Development
  • MUI 2055H Cities Industry and the Environment
  • MUI 2080H Intelligent Communities/Smart Cities
  • GGR 1610H Geography of Finance and Financial Crisis
  • GLA 2018H Innovation and the City​​​​
  • JMG 2020H Big Data and Global Cities
  • JPG 1512H Place, Politics and the Urban
  • JPG 1558H Transportation: Historical and Geographic Perspectives
  • JPG 1607H Geography of Competition
  • PLA 1801H Urban Infrastructure Planning
  • POL 2394H Innovation and Knowledge Flows in City-Regions
  • RSM 2132H Prosperity and Competitiveness
  • SSM 1080H Strategies for Sustainability Management

3.5 full-course equivalent (FCE) electives will be chosen.