Admission Requirements

Academic Requirements:

Applicants to the MUI program must meet the following requirements:

• An appropriate bachelor’s degree from a recognized university in social sciences (including political science, urban economics, urban planning, urban studies, and geography), management/commerce, or a related field such as architecture or civil engineering, with a standing equivalent to at least a mid-B in the final year of the program;

• Successful completion of 0.5 full-course equivalent (FCE) in an undergraduate statistics course;

• Letter of intent - A statement explaining why you are/wish to apply for the program;

• Three (3) letters of reference; 

• Resume;

• A writing sample – Examples: 4th year essay, thesis, reflection, summary of an academic paper, etc.

English Proficiency for International Students:

If your primary language is not English and you graduated from a non-Canadian university where the language of instruction was not in English, then you must demonstrate your facility in English by successfully completing an acceptable English Facility Test. This requirement must be met at the time you submit your application. Your application will not be considered until your official score report (that meets our minimum standards in all sections) is sent to the University of Toronto by the final application deadline of March 12th, 2021.

Please note that the minimum scores required for the MUI program are higher than those set by the School of Graduate Studies.

  • Our minimum requirements for IELTS (Academic Version only) are: at least 7.5 in the overall band and 7.0 in each section (Reading, Speaking, Listening, and Writing).
  • Our minimum requirements for TOEFL are: at least 100 in the Total and at least 22 in each section.

*Please also note that meeting the minimum English language facility scores does not guarantee admission to the program.

TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition: ETS has recently announced the extension of the TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition and the GRE General Test at home through October, and they are working to extend that date further. Be assured that ETS intends to offer the at home tests as long as COVID-19 is a concern so that students can opt to take the test from the safety of home. 

SGS will accept scores from the TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition from applicants for this application cycle until further notice.

Work Experience:

Work experience is not required however, work related experience may be considered. Students who have work experience are still required to meet the minimum academic requirements. Work experience is not a suitable substitute for an applicant who does not meet the minimum admission criteria.

If you have any questions regarding how to apply or run into any technical issues with the application, please contact