Zhu Zhu


Bachelor of Commerce • Rotman School of Commerce • University of Toronto


Zhu graduated from Rotman School of Management in University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Commerce degree. During her time at U of T, she actively involved in UT Chinese Volunteer Association and UT Chinese Student and Scholars Association as a volunteer to help international students adapt new life in Canada. During summer time, she joined NanYa (Suzhou) Group Co. Ltd as an internship mainly focused on report summary and financial analysis. In 2012, she got International Baccalaureate Diploma at UWC Atlantic College in Wales. As a local librarian, she assisted elderly library patrons with the use of computers and news research.

Zhu has always held a strong interest in sustainability and environmental stewardship. She initially came to Canada as an international student from China. Growing up in China, she soon realized that one of the key issues facing the country, as a result of the significant industrial development and progress made in the 21st century, was finding a way to address the many environmental challenges that were emerging as a result of this development. Air pollution, for example, has become a serious problem in China, as well as threats resulting from the gradual depletion of available natural resources. For this reason, it was not sufficient for she to simply pursue an academic career relating only to business and economics. Instead, she ultimate goal was to find a way to utilize my knowledge of business and economics to find practical solutions to help to promote economic growth while also keeping in mind the critical importance of preserving the planet for the benefit of future generations. To this end, she has also attempted to impart in others the importance of the issues of environmental stewardship and sustainability. Just as Canada, the U.S., and the European Union now need to address sustainability concerns after the long previous period of industrial development, she knows it is inevitable that the time will come when China and other developing nations must face the same problems.

Zhu's MScSM Internship: Adidas


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