Tolu Alebiosu




Honours Bachelor of Arts, Political Science and Criminology, Minor in Sociology • University of Toronto Mississauga


Tolu graduated with an Honors Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Toronto at Mississauga in 2021 with a Double major in Political science & Criminology with a minor in sociology. Tolu is interested in Design, Inclusivity and sustainability. He gained and developed these interests through his entrepreneurial pursuits and Volunteer experiences.

Tolu currently works as a Senior Product Development Specialist at a start-up called Fyyne. Outside of this, he does a lot of research on sustainable development which he hopes to build on during his time in the MScSM Program. He hopes that his work will one day highlight new discoveries in the field.

Tolu spends a majority of his time reading, designing, researching, editing videos and playing video games. Outside of all these, he also spends the majority of his time thinking about developing precautionary measures to help us with adapting to the changing effects of climate change.