Nicolás Sabogal


Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering • University of Los Andes


Nicolás was born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia. As growing up he enjoyed building objects ranging from handcrafts to mechanical artifacts. His consistent imagination and taste for building and designing stuff led him to join engineering school. This was a way for him to be able to bring his ideas to a real physical system or functional device. While in engineering school, Nicolás also attended multiple courses not related to the program curriculum such as: geography, music, architecture, journalism, arts and film theory.

A life changing event for him occurred during his geography class, where he studied biodiversity, present ecological threats and population. He was completely shocked when pictures of human caused damage to ecosystems were shown; all the amazing biodiversity studied throughout the course was being threatened to extinction. From there he decided to help making a change in the world contributing to the transition to a sustainable way of living. Preserving living species and ecosystems assure the perfect balance needed to maintain the resources required for human survival. Later, this thinking led him to participate in an environment conservation program in California, USA. There his duties included: invasive plants removal, seeding, planting, trash removal, trail work, hiking and camping for several days.

This experiences and further courses focused his interest into the energy conversion subject of mechanical engineering. He is also interested in topics like: sustainable engineering design, circular economy, sustainable energy consumption and generation, renewable energy and climate change mitigation. Nicolás hopes to make the highest positive impact among engineering companies, communities and multiple types of organizations by developing solutions, projects, strategies and innovative designs contributing to sustainability.

Nicolás admires the outdoors, and loves cultural and sport activities. He enjoys multiple expressions of art, attending to concerts, movies, festivals, museums and live performances. He also plays drums and is improving his guitar skills. He has been physically active all his life practicing a wide range of disciplines such as martial arts, soccer, hockey, archery, tennis, Frisbee ultimate and kite surfing.