Sarah Pupovac

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Bachelor of Science (Honours), Biological Sciences • University of Windsor


Sarah graduated with great distinction from the University of Windsor with a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences. Sarah had the opportunity to explore an array of academic subjects throughout her undergraduate degree, ranging from biochemistry to evolutionary biology. However, in her later years she concentrated her studies predominantly on ecology, ecosystem health, and conservation biology. Originally, she became drawn to sustainability by propositions from the romantic-transcendental movement, informed by greats such as John Muir and Aldo Leopold, which emphasized the intrinsic importance of nature. Over time, Sarah has become increasingly interested in harmonizing the seemingly antagonistic relationship between economic development, environmental conservation, and re-distribution of social equity in our society today. As a result, she is most intrigued by corporate sustainability, policy development, and resource economics.

After graduating, Sarah worked as a research assistant at the University of Windsor. She focused primarily on a study aiming to quantify and construct trophic web interactions of aquatic biota in the great lakes using stable isotope analysis. Sarah was responsible for processing aquatic biota for analysis, partaking in tasks such as dissection, invertebrate identification, lipid extraction, and more. In addition to sample preparation, she was accountable for coordinating with other researchers, maintaining and updating project databases, and participating in a variety of field assignments.

A love for wilderness was cultivated in her childhood and has been maintained through travel into her adult years. Most recently, she has travelled to Indonesia to summit an active volcano on a 100km trek through the jungle.

Sarah's MScSM Internship: Mackenzie Investments 

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