Manasvini Ramasubramanian

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Bachelor of Science (Honours), Psychology & Biology for Health Sciences • University of Toronto


Manasvini recently graduated from University of Toronto (Class of 2017) with a Bachelor of Science degree and a double major in Psychology and Biology for Health Sciences. She considers herself lucky to have had the opportunity to live in two different countries before moving to Canada.

Manasvini’s commitment to sustainability led her to bring about changes to a privately owned business within 6 months of her joining the organization. With large amounts of waste being produced and with no recycling program in effect, Manasvini saw an opportunity to improve waste management by executing a recycling system. Her exposure to different cultures and travelling from a young age has become an integral part of her identity and she wishes to incorporate her passion for sustainability with her passion for travelling and hopefully spread the word about sustainability in every corner of the world.

Having a keen sense and interest in athletics; Manasvini enjoys being active and partaking in various extracurricular such as Tae Kwon Do, kickboxing, badminton, basketball etc. She also enjoys being out and about in the great outdoors and is always up for a hike or a trip to the beach.

Manasvini's MScSM Internship: The University of Toronto - Mississauga Campus

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