Leah Derikx

Leah LI

Bachelor of Science (Honours), Specialization in Biology • Western Univeristy


Leah was raised in London, ON and graduated from Western University in 2018. Despite intentions to study food & nutrition, she found her passion for ecology and environmental science and in particular, the numerous threats facing natural environments. By zoning in on climate change from both philosophical and ecological lenses, Leah found her passion in sustainability and environmental justice issues.

Leah explored off-campus environmental opportunities by connecting with London Environmental Network (LEN), a not-for-profit organization dedicated to connecting and supporting other environmental organizations & groups in London. Her volunteer experience with LEN opened up the wide range of local sustainable initiatives - from land conservation to cycling and green infrastructure in cities – reaffirming her commitment to sustainability. In addition to her tasks as Communications Volunteer and Events Committee team member, Leah was an Event Co-organizer and Volunteer Coordinator for the November 2017 Resilient Cities Conference. This conference explored resiliency and sustainability applications in the context of cities. Leah became employed as LEN’s Communications Coordinator the following summer, fulfilling duties such as: internal membership support, content creation for internal and external audiences, event organization for the Green Drinks networking series and member workshops, and developing a Sustainability Plan for an upcoming three-day October Conference called The River Talks.

In her spare time, Leah enjoys going for nature walks, exploring local farmers’ markets and coffee shops, and reading about environmental and social issues. She is committed to living a low-impact, plant-based lifestyle through constant learning and collaboration with like-minded folks. In the future, she would like her work to contribute to the accessibility of sustainable lifestyles for marginalized populations.