Kai Park


Bachelor of Applied Science & Engineering • Bioresource Engineering • McGill University


Kai graduated from McGill University in 2015, receiving his BEng. in Bioresource Engineering, and is currently in his final year of at the University of Toronto in the MSc. Sustainability Management program. Over the course of his studies, Kai has developed a wide number of professional interests, especially in responsible investing, supply chain management, and business strategies, particularly in the fashion and apparel industry.  Furthermore, Kai has a strong interest in cultural awareness and sustainability.

Over the summer, Kai completed his internship placement at Blackstone Energy Services, an energy management firm based in Toronto. During his time there, Kai researched and provided reports on policies and market information related to energy and carbon markets in order to help save clients money, and keep clients informed with new information that can impact their decision making. One project Kai was involved in was performing a complete overview of Ontario’s Cap and Trade policies and regulations. Kai provided extensive research and reviewed the new policies and legislation, and analyzed how the program would impact and affect clients. Furthermore, Kai performed a variety of tasks, including marketing, data management, and energy consumption monitoring.

Kai's MScSM Internship: Blackstone Energy

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