Elizabeth Tice


Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) • Geography & Environmental Science • Queen’s University


Elizabeth Tice (BA Hons. Queen’s University) is currently working on her MSc at the University of Toronto in Sustainability Management.  With an academic background in geography and environmental science, Elizabeth is well informed on issues of climate change, earth systems sciences, policy and regional planning, and the geography of urbanization in the developing world.  Elizabeth has professional experience in both the private sector and non-profit, with experience in environmental compliance, bioenergy and biorefining, strategy consulting and social return on investment, NGO fundraising, and community and education partnerships in the developing world.  Elizabeth is passionate about the power of social change and the importance of education, human rights, and equity for all people in the journey to a more sustainable world.  In her academic and professional experience, she has worked hard to study the critical integration of sustainability best practices into the dynamic business and non-profit worlds.

As a young professional in sustainability, Elizabeth is profoundly interested in sustainable business strategy, social innovation, impact investing, international climate change impact management, and urban renewable energy development.  She looks forward to a vibrant career in which she can innovate, create, and collaborate to develop solutions for a better world. 

Elizabeth's MScSM Internship: SiMPACT Strategy Group

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