Stefanija Stojkoska


Bachelor of Science (Hons.) with a Major in Anthropology and Double Minor in Environmental Science and Biology • University of Toronto


Stefanija graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honours Bachelor of Science, Majoring in Anthropology and Minoring in Environmental Science and Biology. Throughout her undergraduate studies, she developed acute problem solving, analytical, and research skills while actively broadening her interests to include business and social science. She is highly motivated in educating herself and others to modify individual practices by promoting a long term sustainable lifestyle.

Prior to her enrolment in the Master of Science in Sustainability Management program, she participated in a Research Opportunity Program in which she learned to conduct interdisciplinary research on paleoethnobotanical remains. During this experience, she was able to critically analyse ancient farming practices, cultural developments, and the interdependencies existing between Indigenous Ainu groups and Japanese Government injustices. This experience prompted her to apply her knowledge of plants and farming to criticize the sustainability of modern agricultural practices, opting to increase awareness of more sustainable food acquisition practices and food choices. Furthermore, during her employment at Wood, she worked as an archaeological field technician alongside Indigenous Monitors to extract lithic artifacts as part of a mitigation project to preserve their cultural heritage. Her first-hand experience taught her the importance of applied sustainable archaeology by working diligently to maintain ecological integrity during the extraction process.

Aside from her academic pursuits, her passions include animal care and protection as she enjoys volunteering for organizations such as Anonymous for the Voiceless and The Climate Save Movement to educate the public on malpractices harming our planet, our health, and the animals, and the ways in which to address them in our personal lives. She also enjoys exploring personal fitness, trivia, puzzles, painting, cooking, playing piano, listening to music, as well as reading about Archaeology and Environmental Science.

Stefanija's MScSM Internship: Wood


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