Marin Davidson



Bachelor of Commerce, International Business Specialization University of Victoria, Peter B. Gustavson School of Business

Marin Davidson was voted  President of MScSM Student Executive Council (MSEC) for the 2020-2021 academic year. 


Growing up near the ocean on the west coast of British Columbia inspired Marin to form a passion for protecting the environment; she has become increasingly committed to solving sustainability challenges through her education, work and volunteer experiences. Marin has a keen interest in the health of the ocean and the detrimental effects of plastic pollution.

In 2017, Marin graduated from the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business at the University of Victoria where she received a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom). Specializing in international business, she developed business skills and a global mindset through studying at the Copenhagen Business School and working at The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong. In addition to choosing environmental electives, the program weaved sustainability and social responsibility into each course. In addition, Marin completed three different co-op jobs while also competing as a varsity athlete for the Women’s Field Hockey team. 

Marin has developed a well-rounded perspective and experience working in various sectors such as Agriculture, Tourism, Non-Profit Operations and Human Resources. Most recently, she developed and implemented an HR Department for a 400 employee automotive dealership in order to streamline processes related to recruitment, hiring, onboarding, development, policies and sustainability. 

For several years, Marin has volunteered with the Surfrider Foundation, a global, non-profit organization that has a mission to protect and enjoy the world’s oceans and beaches. For the past 18 months, she held a leadership role as the Events Director and Recycling Manager, organizing public beach cleanups and educational events in Vancouver. 

Continuous learning inspires Marin to attend various conferences related to business sustainability such as Leading Change Canada and GLOBE Series. She thinks critically and deeply about complex sustainability issues, with an understanding that multi-level commitment and cross-cultural collaboration is critical to positive outcomes. She looks forward to addressing global challenges through impactful sustainability initiatives and increasing organizational effectiveness. 

Marin has an ever-growing list of hobbies and interests including field hockey, surfing, running, hiking, tennis, soccer, basketball, ping pong, golf, wakeboarding, skiing, camping, travelling, gardening, cooking, photography, art and educational events.