Jacqueline Boyes


Bachelor of Science (Honours, with Distinction), Double Major in Biology and Environmental Sciences • McMaster University


Jacqueline has recently graduated from McMaster University this past spring, with a double major in Biology and Environmental Sciences. Throughout her undergraduate career, Jacqueline completed a plethora of biological science-related courses. During this time, Jacqueline found herself feeling extremely passionate about courses focused predominantly on environmental science and sustainability. Jacqueline is now focused toward a career which is dedicated to the improvement of Earths’ environments and ecosystems. Jacqueline understands that as the demand for sustainable solutions increases and humanity continues to search for alternative technologies to better the environment, individuals who possess the managerial skills required to implement these sustainable strategies/technologies will be in high demand. Her ultimate goal is to acquire this knowledge and skill set through the MScSM program, and to implement these skills in real life scenarios; not only for her own success, but to have her career path positively impact the Earth and its environments every day.

Jacqueline has been involved in supporting multiple groups and organizations throughout her academic career, including handling logistics and coordination for the McMaster Sign Language Society. During her time as an undergraduate student, Jacqueline has also been a member of The McMaster Alzheimer’s Society, which consists of a group of passionate individuals who devote their time to increasing disease awareness and education surrounding both Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Volunteered time has included taking part in fundraising, educational, and disease awareness events/initiatives; such as walks, bake sales, and informational sessions. Jacqueline has also acted as a Teaching Assistant at McMaster University for the following courses: Biology (Ecological), Biology (Cell), and Climatology for McMaster University. These duties included assisting with course administration, marking tests/assignments, proctoring midterm exam tests, and relaying course information to students.

Jacqueline has had the opportunity to take part in experiences which have broadened her sustainability and environmental science knowledge from both local and global perspectives. At a local scale, in her final year of undergraduate study, Jacqueline was enrolled in an advanced ecology course at McMaster University. Throughout the duration of this course, Jacqueline worked collaboratively with a group of like-minded individuals to create a simulation of the city of Hamilton, ON. The goal of this group was to create a proposal for the ‘industrial’ city of Hamilton, to be turned into an ecologically progressive city. Jacqueline and her peers were able to come up with a realistic, innovative, and forward-thinking proposal for this transformation to occur through both the potential (theoretical) utilization of sustainable infrastructure, and the implementation of sustainable land use planning. This extensive project allowed Jacqueline’s peers and professors to view what Hamilton may look like as an ‘Eco-City’ in the future. Jacqueline received an A+ in this course.
In the spring of 2018, Jacqueline participated in a field research trip to the island of Iceland. Jacqueline had the opportunity to extensively study the diverse landscape of Iceland, examined past and present geological activity on the island, and analyzed sediment cores from numerous active sites. In addition to this, Jacqueline also had the opportunity to observe the sustainable infrastructure present in the city of Reykjavik, as well as the clean, geothermal energy Iceland is able to  produce for itself and other areas. Jacqueline was also inspired by the everyday sustainable practices which the Icelandic residents take part in each and every day. This trip allowed Jacqueline to understand how sustainability may be implemented on a global perspective, apart from what North Americans consider sustainability to encompass.

Jacqueline thoroughly enjoys spending time in nature – whether it is travelling to a new country, spending time at the cottage, or taking a walk in a nearby park. Jacqueline has also been an avid student athlete and ice hockey player throughout her life, and continues to play both soccer and ice hockey recreationally in her spare time. Jacqueline loves cooking, baking, and most importantly – spending time with close friends and family.

Jacqueline's MScSM Internship: Conservation Halton


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