MScSM | About the Program

The MScSM degree is a course-based professional, 20-month, full-time master's program that is part of the Institute for Management & Innovation at University of Toronto Mississauga. Our program will provide the knowledge, skills and opportunities to compete for jobs in a wide range of organizations ranging from industrial sector (including agriculture, automotive, consumer products, energy, industrial goods and services, natural resources, and technology companies) to government and non-government organizations.

The demand for managerial skills in sustainability is rising due to the incorporation of sustainability in management strategies by forward-looking businesses and non-profit organizations and sustainability-targeted initiatives by governments such as Ontario's and Canada's Innovation Agendas and Western Climate Initiative.

In a recent survey of 1,500 global corporate leaders and more than 460 academics, government officials, and non-profit executives, the Boston Consultant Group (BCG) found that more than 90% of business leaders are addressing sustainability issues and companies that act aggressively benefit in terms of reducing costs, generating new revenue streams and developing innovative business models.

 The MScSM graduates will find career opportunities in the following categories:

  • Governance for sustainability policy development at various levels,
  • Public or business administration in divisions having sustainability functions,
  • Marketing and sale of sustainability products and practices,
  • R&D of sustainability management in corporations, research organizations and funding agencies,
  • Certification of sustainability practices,
  • Industry and market analyst,
  • Policy analyst,
  • Non-profit sustainability organizations, and
  • Consulting

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