MScSM | Collaborative Specialization

MScSM Program and Environmental Studies at UofT School of the Environment

Once registered in the MScSM program, students can take the Collaborative Specialization in Environmental Studies with the UofT School of the Environment Department. Please note that this is optional. Once in the program, students can consider this whether to participate in the Collaborative program.

To obtain the Collaborative Specialization notation on their transcripts, in addition to their core courses at MScSM, students will also take:

  1.  0.5 FCEs core course ENV1001H in Environmental Studies
  2.  0.5 FCEs elective from the School's list of approved courses
  3. Take an environment-related internship ENV4444Y (MScSM's required internship should satisfy this requirement)
  4.  Write an environment-related Research Paper ENV5555Y (MScSM's research paper should satisfy with requirement)

The coursework taken in the Environmental Studies Collaborative Specialization may be counted as electives toward the MScSM degree requirements.

This option for our students strengthens their interdisciplinary education and experience at UofT; students gain exposure to a wide range of intellectual and methodological disciplines focussed on environmental issues, which complement the core courses of MScSM. Please note that this is not a double major or double degree.