Kristen Schaper


Honours Bachelor of Science • University of Toronto


Kristen graduated from the University of Toronto in 2016, completing her Undergraduate degree with a major in Environmental Science and minors in Physical Geography and Sociology. During her time at the University of Toronto, she became a passionate student leader. In her second year, she became a Residence Don, which led her into the field of Student Affairs. Kristen has continued her passion for Student Affairs throughout her university experience, most recently becoming a Programming Assistant for the Centre for Student Engagement at the University of Toronto. She has developed several volunteer programs in her time as a Student Leader, which has made her an avid volunteer herself. She is also profoundly interested in the topic of travel and conscious consumerism, which has led her to volunteer several times over seas. One of her most notable trips included building a school in Ecuador. Kristen is passionate about the power of social change and uses her past experiences to educate others about the world. With her knowledge of Student Affairs, conscious consumerism, and volunteerism, Kristen hopes to bring a unique perspective to the MScSM program.

In the future, Kristen sees herself working to improve Canada’s sustainability as a nation. She hopes to one day make an impact in the field of sustainability by using her many passions and hardworking demeanor to make change happen. In her free time, Kristen seeks out experiences to fulfill her personal interests which include kayaking, hiking and spending time at the cottage with her friends and family. 

Kristen's MScSM Internship: Ecosource


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