Students of the Week 7

Michael ErbMichael Erb

Michael is a recent Master’s of Science graduate from McMaster University and has earned numerous academic accolades including scholarships and scientific publications. During his studies, Michael was actively involved in extracurricular activities and founded a ‘Get Active’ initiative to promote healthy and active living for graduate students. Along with volunteering, he enjoys participating in a variety of outdoor actives as well as playing guitar and photography.
Michael is seeking to apply his highly developed team, interpersonal and problem solving abilities to a career in research commercialization or management consulting in the biotechnology or pharmaceutical sectors.

Ana NenezicAna Nenezic

Ana graduated with distinction from the University of Toronto, Mississauga with an Honours Bachelor of Science, double majoring in Biology and Psychology. Throughout her undergraduate years, Ana gained first hand exposure to the complexities associated with primary and secondary health care services by volunteering at various hospitals and specialized medical facilities.

Prior to joining MMI, Ana worked as a Patient Assistant at the Shoppers Drug Mart Patient Contact Centre. This experienced allowed her to see and understand the close-knit relationship between innovation and leadership in business.  Ana is keen to apply her strong communication, organization and problem solving skills to an operations or logistics role during her summer internship.

Eduardo Tassara Eduardo Tassara

Eduardo studied Mechatronics Engineering at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Peru where he developed exceptional analytical and problem-solving skills.  He has also completed an executive specialization program in Finance and Management at ESAN University.

Eduardo is driven and prides himself on his ability to not just come up with new ideas but also to implement them and deliver solutions that improve the customer experience.  He is seeking consulting or strategy roles in the finance, tech or start up sectors.