Students of the Week 3

Maya NewmanMaya Newman

Maya graduated from McMaster University with a Bachelor of Sciences.  Her interests in bridging science with business began during an internship with an Israeli start-up where she helped to develop medical device technologies. 

Maya’s work and volunteer experiences as a rheumatological research intern at The Toronto Western Hospital and as a surgical waiting room volunteer at Women's College Hospital have given her insight into patient care, patient advocacy and hospital administration. 

Maya is an artist at heart and enjoys various forms of creative expression including watercolour painting. 


Hao YuHao Yu

Hao graduated at the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Science.  He has a strong research background and has significant experience working in the healthcare sector. 

Hao most recently worked with the Princess Margaret Cancer on several research projects which focused on finding new diagnostic tools and new medications for prostate cancer.  Throughout his career, Hao has been directly involved with all aspects of regulatory, clinical and laboratory work. He is a fast learner with exceptional problem solving skills and a solid work ethic.

Hao is a former Royal Canadian Navy reservist and an exceptional team player.  He hopes the MMI program will allow him to combine his interests in science and business and to continue to grow his career in the healthcare industry. 

Grace ChungGrace Chung

Grace graduated from the University of Toronto and The Michener Institute in Medical Radiation Sciences and worked Saskatchewan before starting the MMI.  She is a certified Nuclear Medicine and PET/CT Technologist.  She has a keen interest in innovation, commercialization and research and design. 

Grace has strong interpersonal skills and has been a member of several professional development initiatives.  In her spare time, she enjoys hiking and is currently training for a marathon.