Students of the week #9

Mia (Shiwan) Cao

Mia completed several work placements and internships while finishing her Industrial Engineering degree at Dalhousie University.  She has strong technical abilities and is known for her ability to learn quickly.


Gauri Angrish

Gauri AngrishGauri is a recent graduate of the University of Western Ontario.  While completing her undergrad, she participated in year-long exchange with Erasmus University Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

Post MMI, Gauri hopes to work in the pharmaceutical or healthcare sectors in a project management role where she can apply her analytical as well as strong communication skills.


Jason Wang

Jason WangWhile a student at the University of Western Ontario, Jason was involved in both research and extracurriculars, which included badminton and competitive powerlifting. In his spare time, Jason enjoys photography, cooking, and reading.

Post MMI, Jason hopes to work in the biotechnology or pharmaceutical industries in a position where he can apply both his scientific and business training.