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MMI Student Ambassadors 2022

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While completing her life sciences degree at the University of Toronto, Bonnie worked in a variety of roles within healthcare and completed her research project at SickKids. She brings extensive leadership experience from her extracurricular involvement in the UofT community. Bonnie discovered an affinity for collaborative environments and client-facing roles, and plans to leverage her skills at the intersection of business and technology. In her spare time, Bonnie enjoys reading in her hammock and finding new places to explore.

Ely completed a degree in Biochemistry and her clinical residency at UNL in Argentina. After a variety of roles in laboratory diagnostics and public healthcare, she joined Beckman Coulter as their scientific and technical advisor for Latin America. Ely is most excited about sharpening her business acumen in the MMI program to land a role back in medical diagnostics to lead teams and bridge business and science. Outside of the classroom, Ely enjoys learning new sports and exploring & hiking around Canada.

Harangad studied Human Biology and Psychology at the University of Toronto and completed his undergrad in Life Sciences in April of 2021. He joined MMI due to his deep interest in business. In his personal time, Harangad enjoys watching documentaries, and partaking in physical activities such as swimming, badminton, and golf.

Kush completed his Bachelor of Health Sciences in the Biomedical Discovery & Commercialization program at McMaster University. Through various personal and community experiences, Kush developed an interest in enhancing patient treatment processes and quality from a managerial angle. This led him to MMI where he hopes to develop the skills and knowledge to progress the state of public healthcare.

Throughout his graduate studies at Queen's University, Mark conducted multiple clinical research projects working with patients with different allergic diseases in an Immunology and Allergy laboratory. He also worked on several clinical trials with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, helping Mark refine his leadership, analytical, and project management skills. In his spare time, he enjoys cooking and playing badminton with friends. After completing the MMI program, Mark hopes to secure an advisory/consulting-type role where he can work with start-ups and companies in the healthcare or pharmaceutical sectors.

Phoebe was active in student life and community outreach during her undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto. Through her academic work in Life Sciences and research experience with the Faculty of Dentistry, Phoebe developed a strong interest in drug commercialization. After completing the MMI program, she hopes to work in the pharmaceutical or healthcare industries. In her free time, Phoebe enjoys cooking, baking and playing the cello.