Students of the Week 1

Rebekah ChaRebekah Cha

During her undergraduate studies at McMaster University, Rebekah worked as a researcher with  Toronto Western Hospital’s Mood Disorders and Psychopharmacology Unit (MDPU).  Finding work that focuses on optimizing client satisfaction is important to Rebekah.  She hopes to secure a position that utilizes both her analytical and creative capabilities. 

Mohammad KabaritiMohammad Kabariti

Mohammad has worked with non-governmental organizations and research centres that focus on achieving health equity on a global scale. He also has experience in technical sales and customer service.

Mohammad hopes the MMI program will help him to integrate his scientific background with business oriented strategies.  He hopes to work with organizations that are committed to improving public health through innovation. 

Gillian LiuGillian Liu

Gillian is the winner of the 2018 Ontario Graduate Scholarship for academic excellence. 

She is a graduate of Queen’s University and served as the President of the Biochemistry Student Council. She is a strong communicator and a creative thinker.

After completing MMI, Holly hopes to work for with a pharmaceutical company in a marketing capacity.