Work-Study Profile: Aqsa Safdar

My Time with MBiotech

Aqsa SafdarI have had the privilege of working with the Master of Biotechnology Program at UTM as an Placement and Employer Relations Assistant between May to February 2017. Being an undergraduate student specializing in Management, I was excited to work with M.Biotech at the Institute for Management and Innovation alongside its members.

Working with MBiotech has allowed me to gain insight into the various projects and events that take place throughout the graduate program. By assisting with multiple tasks for program events, being actively involved with reports and presentations and managing day-to-day priorities allowed me to learn about the processes that take place behind the scenes in a master’s program.

My first major project was assisting with the 2017 MBiotech Career Day, an extremely important event for students to interact with various pharmaceutical companies. By assisting with the organization, planning and execution of all logistics, we were able to have a successful career day for all attendees.

Throughout my term, I also managed alumni engagement activities, which included communicating with MBiotech alumni for the purpose of preparing their personal profile for the M.Biotech website. With a large number of alumni keen to participate, they were happy to comment on their experience in the program, career journey since graduation, and even provided amazing advice for current students. This led to creating each individual’s very own profile featured on the webpage.

Thanks to MBiotech and IMI’s friendly and welcoming environment, I am not only gaining valuable learning experience and enhanced skill sets but also forming new friendships along the way! This experience is certainly memorable, and will help me with my future career aspirations in business and management.