Tricia Connolly

Tricia ConnellyResearch Analyst, DRI Capital
Class of 2008

Since graduating from the MBiotech program in May 2008, Tricia has had experiences with working in Equity Research, Investment Banking and Private Equity. Branching from her internship placement at Versant Partners as an Equity Research Associate, covering the Canadian Healthcare sector, Tricia quickly realized that she had a profound passion for the healthcare/biotech sectors and the Capital Markets industry.

While still completing the MBiotech program, Tricia was offered a full-time position at GMP Securities LP to work in a similar Equity Research capacity covering the healthcare sector. Through this role, Tricia was able to utilize her analytical, critical thinking, writing, and presentation skills to conduct research on leading publicly traded healthcare/biotech companies.

After several years of advising institutional clients on what healthcare stocks to purchase/sell, Tricia transferred to an Investment Banking role within GMP Securities LP where she also covered the healthcare sector. Through this role, Tricia worked on numerous mandates related to raising funds (public and private offerings), M&A transactions, business development etc. by performing valuation analyses, complex financial modelling, and industry and company research and analysis.

Most recently, Tricia is working in the Private Equity industry as a Research Analyst at DRI Capital, a global leader in healthcare investing that was founded to purchase international royalty streams on pharmaceutical products and to make healthcare equity investments. Through this role, Tricia is responsible for conducting due diligence, identifying investment opportunities and creating investment recommendations for various pharmaceutical products with royalty streams.

With a diverse range of capital markets experience within the healthcare sector, Tricia believes the most valuable part of her experience in the MBiotech program was the focus instilled by her professors/peers to think outside of the box and to realize that the healthcare/biotech sectors are wide-ranging, with numerous opportunities to consider as career paths. Prior to starting the MBiotech program, Tricia did not know of the world of Capital Markets and the M.Biotech program definitely opened her eyes to the possibilities that exist for people interested in both finance and the sciences.