Admission FAQs

MBiotech Students

1. I cannot access the online application.

Applications for MBiotech will open in late September 2019 (exact date TBC).

If you have gone to the online application website and cannot access the online application, it is possible that your browser is incompatible or its security settings are too high.

The browser should be Internet Explorer 6+, or Firefox, and must have Javascript and cookies enabled. To enable Javascript and cookies in Internet Explorer:

  • Go to ‘Tools’, ‘Internet Options’ and select the ‘Security’ tab
  • Under 'Security level for this zone', click ‘Default’ Level.
  • Select the ‘Privacy’ tab and click ‘Default’. Click ‘Ok’.

2. I have successfully begun my online application but cannot select the program/degree.

Applicants should apply to:
UNIT: 'Inst. for Management & Innovation' 
PROGRAM: 'Biotechnology'
DEGREE: 'Master of Biotechnology' 

3. Do you have September admission to the Master of Biotechnology Program?

No. Admission is once yearly in May, with applications opening in late September 2019 (exact date TBC) and closing in early January 2020 (exact date TBC). 

4. Will you consider my application for May admission if I am still completing the fourth year of my bachelor's degree?

Yes. You can still apply for May admission even if you are still working on your fourth year of studies. You must still submit an official transcript (with final grades from Fall semester) as part of your application.

Depending upon the success of your application, it is possible to gain 'conditional' admission to the program for May, the condition being successful completion of your 4-year bachelor's degree. Proof is required in the form of another official transcript that indicates your degree has been conferred.

5. I have a 3-year bachelor's degree. Is that acceptable for admission to the Program?

No. A 3-year bachelor's degree does not meet the minimum academic requirements for Graduate Studies at the University of Toronto. You might want to consider qualifying courses (see below). 

A 3-year bachelor's degree combined with a Master's degree (or qualifying year courses) may meet the minimum academic requirements for admission. Please contact the Program Coordinator for information.

A qualifying year can be taken at any recognized Canadian university and normally consists of a minimum of 2.5 full course equivalents from upper year (3rd/4th year) courses in related life science programs (see below) with a minimum mid-B average in the qualifying year courses and no grades lower than B-.

Please note: those students who receive their bachelor's degree from a Quebec institution, and who received advanced standing for the first year of their program by completing 2 years of CEGEP, do meet the minimum academic requirements for Graduate Studies at the University of Toronto. In this specific instance, your bachelor's degree is treated as a full 4-year degree due to the advanced standing received.

6. Can you tell me what undergraduate courses to take in a qualifying year?

In order to succeed in the Program, you must have an understanding of Molecular Biology and Protein Chemistry. Examples of suitable courses would include: 4th year research projects, molecular biology, structural biology, immunology, biochemistry and chemistry. At UTM, examples of suitable courses would include: BIO314H5, BIO370Y5, BIO372H5, BIO477H5, BIO481Y5; CHM333H5, CHM341H5, CHM345H5, CHM347H5, CHM361H5, CHM371H5, CHM416H5, CHM422H5, CHM489Y5.

Please note that we will only be able to consider grades from qualifying courses that are submitted by the application deadline when reviewing your application for admission.

7. Which GRE Test should I write?

GRE scores are NOT mandatory for domestic applicants, but for international applicants and for those who plan to submit such, applicants should write the GRE Subject Test. Applicants should choose the subject most relevant to them, i.e. choose the subject in which you majored (e.g. Biology).

8. What institution code should I use for the GRE?

Applicants should select "University of Toronto Mississauga", institution code 7203. For program code, please select "Other Biological Sciences", program code 0299".

9. Is there anything I can do to prepare for the admission interviews?

For the science interview, you may choose to brush up on your basic molecular biology, biochemistry, PCR and principles of protein expression. Prepare for the  business/interpersonal interview as you would for a job interview.

10. I need to change the email address for one of my referees but the system won't let me do this. How can I update this?

If you need to change one of your referees, or simply update the contact information for your referees, or have any other issues with your online application file, please do not hesitate to contact Jennifer Lowe:

You can also call 905-569-4737. We'll be happy to help you!

11. How many students apply to MBiotech?

It is a competitive application process with many qualified applicants each year. We receive approximately 175 complete/paid applications which are reviewed, and of these, approximately 80 are usually invited on campus for interviews in February. Of these, we then will be admitting a class of 42.

12. When will I hear if I have received an interview? 

We usually notify applicants if they have been granted an interview by early February. Interviews are held on-campus during the last two weeks of February. 

13. Where do I return my offer letter?

You must return the second signed copy of your offer letter directly to the MBiotech Office in KN2260 of the Innovation Complex.  Please do not return the signed offer letter to IMI (the Institute for Management and Innovation). MBiotech is a part of IMI, however the offer letter applies directly to MBiotech.

For more information

Please email or call us at 905-569-4737.