Duncan Jones

Associate Director, MBiotech Institute of Management & Innovation

Duncan Jones holds a Bachelor’s of Science (Chemistry and Biochemistry), a Master’s of Science (Biochemistry) and a Master’s of Business Administration all from the University of Toronto. In addition, he is a Project Management Professional (PMP).

For over 30 years, he has primarily worked with inventors in the Life Sciences, especially University professors assisting them in bringing their ideas to market. He has worked in a major pharmaceutical company, as a venture capitalist and with the technology transfer teams at each of Ontario’s Universities.

He has lectured on and taught business and biotechnology at the high school, college and university levels, most recently undergraduate HMB301H, Biotech­nology and IMI302H, Business Plans & Project Manage­ment as well as MBiotech’s BTC1710H, Biomaterials & Protein Chemistry Theory, BTC1820H, Biotech­nology in Agri­culture & Natural Products, BTC1860H, GAMBiT, BTC1600H/BTC1610H, Biopartnering I & II and IMI3001H/IMI3003H, Biocommercial­isation I & II. Duncan also manages Hexagon Innovating, a consulting firm focused on the fuzzy front end of new product develop­ment, sourcing and in-licensing technology, performing technology and intellectual property reviews, doing market research and competitive intelligence, developing business models and strategy, partnering, fundraising, as well as project and portfolio management. He maintains an active blog on innovation at

Current Courses

BTC1600H  Biopartnering I { Sep‑Dec }  bar-1600
BTC1600H  Biopartnering II { Sep‑Dec }  bar-1600
BTC1820H  Biotech­nology in Agri­culture & Natural Products { Oct‑Dec }  bar-1820
IMI3001H  Biocommercial­isation I: Analysis of Tech­nology Driven Innovation { Sep‑Dec }  bar-imi
IMI3003H  Biocommercial­isation II { Jan‑Apr }  bar-imi