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Rep  Class of 2020

Abbas Headshot

My name is Abbas, I am currently in my second year of MBiotech working at AstraZeneca in sales and marketing. A little background on me, I did my undergraduate degree at University of Toronto Mississauga specializing in Biotechnology and Chemistry. Other than my passion for science, I  love working on cars, I love collecting shoes and I like going to the driving range.

For me, MBiotech was really the perfect program because of my passion for business and Science and this program is all about combining them. I never wanted to be a student in a lab but rather be part of the process that takes that molecule or drug from the lab to the market. MBiotech allows you to enter that wide spectrum of possibilities. Students and peers have gone into positions ranging from both sides of the spectrum such as clinical and commercialization. For me one of the major things this program has allowed, is a greater understanding and appreciation of this process.

My advice to the prospective students is to have a passion for science and have that entrepreneurial mindset. Be open! The internship opportunities in this program allow you to test waters and figure out what you are passionate about. MBiotech is known for its amazing alumni network and it is great to be a part of this network when going out into the industry. I wish all the prospective students the best of luck and hope this intro provides a better understanding on what MBiotech can offer.

My name is Devon and I am a 2nd Year MBiotech student. I completed my undergrad in Applied Biomolecular science at Lakehead University where I garnered an interest in molecular biology. After graduating, I worked at a bioremediation company called BioNorth Solutions where I found myself interested in the business aspects of applied science. This combined interest led me to the MBiotech Program due to its offerings of both science and business courses. Along with the fact that I wanted to get more involved in the pharmaceutical industry, the program was a perfect fit with my interests.

My experience in the program thus far has been everything I expected and more. Despite my limited experience in a business setting, the program has helped me develop business acumen. Additionally, some of the most important skills developed in this program are your ability to work within a team setting. Focusing on team dynamics and development is applicable in almost every position you will find yourself in and this program offers a fun and engaging setting to work closely with other students on challenging projects. 

I am now working as an Analyst at AstraZeneca Canada for my co-op placement where I am excited to learn and contribute every day. If you are at all interested in science or business and how they interact, this program will help you find your path and help you develop the skills to be successful.

Rep  Class of 2020


Rep  Class of 2021

Michelle Ho Headshot

 My name is Michelle and I’m a Class Representative for the MBiotech Class of 2021! A little bit of background about me: I graduated from UofT with a HBSc. in 2017, double majoring in Pharmacology and Ecology & Evolutionary Biology. After graduation, I worked for over 2 years in pharmaceutical consulting, where I realized and developed my passion for the biopharmaceuticals field. 

I was inspired by the MBiotech Program because of its unique combination of science and business courses, and I knew it was the perfect fit for me! One great aspect of this program is the many opportunities to work together in teams. You have the ability to develop your teamwork skills in project and lab work and to reflect upon how you best contribute in a team setting. These skills and more are truly a part of what makes this program special. I am excited for the opportunity to collaborate, organize professional and social events, and act as a liaison and representative for our class!

My name is Keegan and I am a representative of the MBiotech Class of 2021. I enjoy spending time outdoors with friends and family and also participating team-building sports/events. Additionally, I enjoy taking on extracurricular activities in leadership development that because they encourage me to step out of my comfort zone and further develop my strengths.  Remaining focused on studies, being physically active, and giving back to the community are also of importance to me, so I work smart in order to find the right balance for success.

Within my time as an MBiotech student I have learned a lot about the biotechnology field and I am very excited about future opportunities. To prospective students of MBiotech, I offer this advice, “find something within the program that genuinely interests you and use it as motivation to build a self-profile that exemplifies who you are and why you would be a great addition to the program”. It may sound daunting but it can be as simple as getting help with your resume or reaching out to current and former MBiotech students for advice. Networking and working well with others is an important part of the program, so use your motivation to get the help you need to submit a strong application/profile. Build those connections and use them! Good Luck!

Rep  Class of 2021

Keegan Cizikas Headshot

Rep  Class of 2021

Cassandra Francella Headshot

My name is Cassandra and I am your Digital Health Technologies (DHT) Class Rep of 2021. I obtained my Honours Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Toronto and then went on to complete my Master’s in Neuroscience at McMaster University where my research focused on the gut-brain axis using various bioinformatic and statistical tools. 

This experience served as the catalyst in my decision to pursue the MBiotech, DHT program, which focuses on the importance of technology and its role in healthcare. By training our skills in the field of data science, programming, machine learning, business as well as health regulation, this program allows us to become leaders in the fast-growing field of digital healthcare. I am excited to share this journey with each and every one of you.

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