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BioPh Rep ♙ Year 1

Andrew Wang (Class of 2024).

My name is Andrew and I am a first-year representative of the MBiotech Biopharma Class of 2024. I did my undergraduate study at the University of Toronto, specialising in Pharmacology and majoring in Physiology. I also had the privilege to learn and research at the Salmena Lab. Outside of academia, I also explored extracurricular activities. I was the director of finance for numerous student organisations, and I conducted a choir. All these academic, scientific, leadership, teamwork, and project management experiences shaped me into the person I am today. I aim to find the intersection between pharmacology and business and see where it takes me! MBiotech is just the perfect program, blending industrial practices and considerations with scientific principles and methodologies. I am thriving in the everyday busyness, trying to turn my knowledge into applications. What is more important than the knowledge is the people I will meet along the way. Learning to teamwork and establishing long-lasting relationships with classmates are some of the highest priorities in MBiotech. As your Class Rep, I take it upon myself to deliver those goals, creating exciting events and providing class feedback for our benefit. To all the students, current and prospective, I wish you the best journeys and let’s show the world what we are capable of!

DHT Rep ♟︎ Year 1

Breanna Vasko (Class of 2024).

My name is Breanna and I am a first-year class representative for the MBiotech DHT stream class of 2024. I previously completed my undergraduate journey at the University of Windsor obtaining my degree in Biological Sciences with a specialisation in Neuroscience. Although my love for science only strengthened throughout my undergraduate degree, I had always hoped to learn more about the business aspect of health innovation, as well as enhance my interpersonal skills. Through this interest is how I came across the MBiotech Program. Not only does it allow science students to continue pursuing a scientific career, but it also allows them to explore all the benefits that come along with learning business skills. Within just a few short months of this program you’ll begin to notice an improvement not only in your ability to think abstractly within the sciences, but an improvement within all areas of your interpersonal skills. The MBiotech Program presents you with a diverse amount of opportunities, and saying yes to as many opportunities as your schedule allows is my advice to anyone wanting to join MBiotech.

DHT Rep ♟︎ Year 1

Crystal Valdez (Class of 2024).

My name is Crystal and being part of the Digital Health team here at MBiotech has already been a hugely impactful experience to me. I’ve built upon the skills I learned in my undergrad in Physiology & Pharmacology and have been learning how to bring these concepts to real, tangible health outcomes. The interdisciplinary curriculum keeps me engaged and learning something new about the industry every single day. The team environment fostered at MBiotech provides the optimal opportunity to develop communication and business skills along with the technical and science aspects. There is so much opportunity for us with the emergence of digital technologies, which continues to inspire me to affect change for patients in the real world. I’m so grateful to be a part of the DHT team—though we may be small, we are mighty!

BioPh Rep ♙ Year 1

Jakub Sokolowski (Class of 2024).

I’m Jakub, and I chose MBiotech as I have been interested in how innovative technologies can help improve patients’ lives and I wanted to play a role in this outcome. MBiotech will give me the opportunity to do just that alongside strengthening my scientific knowledge and introducing me to the world of business and entrepreneurship. Additionally, MBiotech has allowed me to develop the practical soft skills vital to success in the industry such as teamwork, collaboration, and networking. The opportunities I’ve had at MBiotech are unparalleled to any other program, and I’d suggest it to anyone looking for a career that combines science and business.

IMI GSC Rep ♙ ♟︎ Year 1

Max Brant (Class of 2024).

My name is Max and I’m a junior representative for the Institute of Management and Innovation Graduate Student Committee. I completed my undergraduate degree the at University of Calgary majoring in Cellular and Molecular Biology. I originally moved to Calgary to train as a long track speed skater at the Olympic Oval, however I developed a passion for science after engaging in research. My research projects in genetic engineering and developmental biology sparked my interest in the pharmaceutical industry, leading me to the MBiotech Program. The MBiotech Program is unique within the Institute of Management and Innovation (IMI), simultaneously combining science and business experiences in a team-based setting. I’m particularly drawn to the emphasis on team dynamics which has shaped the way I approach projects and challenges. MBiotech also has an incredible network of past and present students from both the digital health and biopharmaceutical streams. I am excited to be apart of the MBiotech community and connect with students throughout the other exceptional IMI graduate programs.

BioPh Rep ♙ Year 2

Aleksandra Smolinska (Class of 2023).

My name is Aleksandra and I am currently completing my co-op placement as a Global Study Associate at AstraZeneca. To provide a little background: I completed my undergraduate degree at UofT specialising in Biotechnology with a Chemistry Minor. During my undergraduate degree I discovered a deep interest for pharmacology and everything surrounding clinical trials. What lead me to apply to MBiotech is the fact that it focuses on teaching us soft skills which are the most relevant in the industry. By working in teams, managing our projects, and forcing us to think outside of the box, this program made sure we are not only ready, but can thrive in the industry. My advice for the prospective students of MBiotech is: Do not be afraid to network. It could be reaching out to current MBiotech students or our alumni. Networking can offer you unique perspectives and some of the greatest advice. Keep an open mind and use your opportunities to the fullest.

BioPh Rep ♙ Year 2

Shirley Liu (Class of 2023).

My name is Shirley and I’m a representative for the MBiotech Class of 2023. I’m currently working in Patient Support Services at Sanofi, providing education, disease management resources, and financial assistance to patients on specialty therapeutics. Outside of work, I’m passionate about the arts, story-telling games, and trying new foods! I began my academic journey at the University of British Columbia, obtaining my Bachelor’s in Microbiology and Immunology. I established a strong background in research, collaborating in numerous labs in Canada and internationally. After graduation, I was seeking a career where my work would have a more immediate and tangible impact, so I eagerly dove into the world of biotechnology, working at a small company developing disease diagnostics. My enthusiasm for growth in the industry led me to MBiotech. I appreciated how the program focused not only on science and business, but also prioritized developing crucial soft skills like networking, communication, and teamwork. I’ve had many opportunities at MBiotech to collaborate with students from diverse backgrounds, which has taught me the importance of team cohesion and creating healthy group dynamics in any project or field. My biggest piece of advice is to always keep an open mind, and to be receptive to any and all experiences that come your way. The wealth of resources, support, and connections MBiotech provides will be your launching pad to career opportunities that you’ve never considered before—and you may end up loving where you land.

DHT Rep ♟︎ Year 2

Zoila Rossi (Class of 2023).

My name is Zoila and I am the Digital Health Technologies (DHT) class representative for the Class of 2023! I am currently a second year student and Data Science Associate at Roche Pharmaceuticals. Prior to MBiotech, I received my HBSc in Medical & Biological Physics from McMaster University. During my undergrad, I also took part in extracurriculars where I made recommendations for healthcare technologies and managed esports teams. Upon graduating, I realized I wanted to pursue a career that was more patient-centric. At the same time, I did not want to abandon the quantitative skills I gained through my degree. I ultimately chose DHT because of its interdisciplinary nature – it allows me to use my mathematical training, managerial competencies, and biological knowledge to drive changes for patients. My time in the MBiotech program has been nothing short of productive, which is mainly owed to the program’s growth opportunities. The group work aspect alone helps you develop flexibility in adapting to team needs and strategising project work according to team member strengths or academic backgrounds. The program also presents an abundance of opportunities for students to participate in research and professional competitions. These events are excellent resume builders and, better yet, places for you to test your knowledge in real world applications. For prospective students: if you want to develop a technical edge to complement your biological knowledge, DHT could be a great place for you! And don’t forget to take all of the opportunities that you can – you may be pleasantly surprised!

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