Lisa Wong

Health Care Policy Analyst at RiskAnalytica
Class of 2012

Lisa WongAs a first year MBiotech student, Lisa secured an internship as a Health Care Policy Analyst with RiskAnalytica, and upon graduation, became a permanent full-time employee. In this role, she has been working with a core team to develop health economic forecasting models and population-based health assessments for clients in the pharmaceutical industry, provincial governments, and not-for-profit health care organizations.  She utilizes her biotechnology background and deep data analysis skills to conduct health research for her team and develop insightful recommendations to support policy decisions for health care programs and reimbursement of pharmaceutical drugs in the Canadian markets. Working closely in collaboration with leading industry subject-matter experts, senior level executives, policy-makers in both the public and private health care sectors, Lisa has developed a keen interest in health care policy and related issues affecting this industry.  Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson, Ontario Lung Association and the Ministry of Health in the Regina QuíAppelle Health Region are examples of a few clients which she has serviced since her time at RiskAnalytica.     
Lisa finds her experiences working in a small company environment to be very rewarding so far, as she finds every day at the office to be dynamic, fast-paced and challenging with a steep learning curve.  One of the things she enjoys the most about her role is the opportunity to provide added value for health care organizations from her work and create meaningful impact towards addressing many challenging healthcare issues at the provincial and federal level.  One of her most memorable accomplishments at RiskAnalytica was her team's modelling analysis that appeared in the Technical Report on the Burden of Lung Disease, prepared on behalf of the Ontario Lung Association, now published on their website.  Insights from the modelling analysis in this report have brought together a broad range of stakeholders and advocacy groups in support for developing new policies around improving the management of lung disease in Ontario.   
Lisa found her experiences in MBiotech to be invaluable.  With emphasis on the commercial aspects of the biotechnology industry, the program allowed her to gain a deep understanding of business applications within the life science sector and provided the ability to conceptualize the bigger picture.  Lisa found the internship component of the MBiotech Program allowed her to gain practical skills and industry experience in her area of study prior to graduation.  From the extensive team building exercises, the team-based AstraZeneca seminar presentations, to the business case competitions, her experience in MBiotech has helped her to develop into a more well-rounded individual.  She feels tremendously grateful for all the great friendships and professional networks she has made through the experience.