Ji Hye Ohn

Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Montsanto Korea
Class of 2007

Ji Hie Ohn

As part of the regulatory affairs team in Seoul, South Korea, Ji is responsible for obtaining regulatory approval of biotech crops and engaging in various scientific outreach activities to promote sound risk assessment of GMOs in Korea.

Ji mentions that she has learned three very valuable things through the MBiotech program. First and foremost, she was exposed to a diverse range of people working in different areas in the biotech industry, providing her with many networking opportunities and the chance to learn about many kinds of career paths in industry. MBiotech also allowed her to develop teamwork skills, which she feels has turned out to be a critical asset as she learned how to resolve conflicts and create synergy in teams. Lastly, through the MBiotech program, Ji feels everything she learned about the business of innovation and entrepreneurship of technology has helped her tremendously throughout her career.

As for advice for current students, she strongly recommends to obtain multiple opportunities to meet and network with people in your desired job and ask about their work. “When starting out your career, try to find a job that you can learn about as much as possible. It is fine to start with a job that pays less and looks small, but if you do your given job by leveraging your strengths, your light will shine eventually and many opportunities will find you.”