To the Incoming Class of 2020

The Masters of Biotechnology program at the University of Toronto Mississauga is an innovative, course-based professional degree offered through the Institute for Management & Innovation (IMI). The unique approach that the MBiotech program takes when preparing their students for the biopharmaceutical industry allows students to not only be equipped with the appropriate knowledge, but how to apply that knowledge in the workplace. As representatives of the class of 2018, we speak for our class in saying that MBiotech has granted us opportunities that we could not imagine receiving in any other circumstances. Sharing the same classes and schedules allowed our class to get to know all 41 of our peers, and this experience allowed us to grow and learn together, becoming one big family.

The unique mixture of science and business courses, with a strong focus on teamwork, is not something you will find in any other biotechnology professional degree. The program commences in May with a mixture of business courses, science courses, and wet lab courses. These include topics such as protein chemistry, molecular biology, biotechnology and ventures, and a unique team-building course called Effective Management Practices. Following this in the fall, the program puts a heavy focus on business, teaching us fundamentals in finance, accounting, marketing, and economics. Being completely new to almost every student in the program, learning fundamentals in managerial and business concepts taught us how to not only think scientifically, but strategically. The most important point to note is that all of the courses that we completed were designed to prepare us for the internships, which we eagerly awaited, coming in the next 6 months.

The 8-month to yearlong internship is what makes MBiotech stand out against competing masters programs. There is no better way to prepare yourself for full time employment in the biotechnology industry than learning directly from the workplace. MBiotech is unique as it gives their students the opportunity to learn and build relationships with future employers that help grow each student's network and potential future opportunities. Speaking on behalf of our class, we believe this to be one of the most valuable assets of the program.

Being an MBiotech student is more than getting a masters degree from a world-renowned institution, it also means building relationships with like-minded individuals who will continue to be your peers throughout the rest of your careers. Graduates continue on different paths, whether be continuing to work within the pharmaceutical industry, pursuing further education, or becoming an entrepreneur, they all have a solid foundation that comes from the experience gained in this program. On behalf of the Class of 2018, we thank MBiotech for giving us that opportunity and look forward to the years to come as Alumni.


   Rob Iaboni Jessica Masciangelo

Rob Iaboni and Jessica Masciangelo
Class Representatives 2018