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Scott Prosser

Scott Prosser, who became Associate Professor and Director of the MBiotech program in August 2007, has been involved with the program since 2002 when he joined the faculty in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Toronto. His undergraduate education focused on mathematics and physics where he obtained a BSc from the University of New Brunswick, earning an NSERC fellowship to pursue a doctorate in Biophysics at the University of Guelph. His postdoctoral research fellowships which were supported by NSERC and later, CIHR, brought him to the University of Stuttgart and the University of California at San Diego, where he worked under Gerd Kothe and the late Regitze Vold, on spectroscopic and biophysical studies of membranes, membrane peptides, and liquid crystals. His current research interests include novel approaches to the determination of topology and structure of large polytopic membrane proteins and GPCRs using NMR. Many of these approaches involve the study of the effect of pressure on membrane systems, the application of paramagnetic additives to reveal protein topologies, and the use of 13C-enriched, monofluorinated amino acid probes for detailed structure and dynamics studies of proteins. A second growing area of research in Scott’s lab involves the use of lanthanide-based nanoparticles for medical imaging and therapeutic purposes.

More information about Professor Prosser's teaching and research can be found on his homepage in the Department of Chemistry and Physical Sciences.