The Digital Health Technologies Stream

 MBiotech’s Digital Health Technologies (DHT) stream is a two-year, full-time program comprised of required coursework and an internship placement in industry. No prior coding or statistical knowledge is assumed or required. Students complete 12 months of full-time study, after which they begin 8-12 months of mandatory, paid industry internships. 

DHT prepares graduates for the emerging digital revolution in healthcare. This stream of the Program builds upon the trend of combining training in biology, in a health and chronic disease context, with advanced statistical analysis.

The digital health field itself is diverse and includes biophysics, mobile medical apps, health information technology, general wellness, electronic medical records, software and cybersecurity, health information technology and wearable technology, to list a few. DHT is an area that invites a spectrum of expertise that goes beyond engineering and design.

Our program focuses specifically on three main pillars of the DHT field:

Health & Regulatory: privacy, data governance, policies re. classification of medical products;

Data Science: combines advanced statistical training with domain knowledge about healthcare and disease; and

Business: introduction to basic business concepts to understand profit drivers in this sector.

 Learning Outcomes

  • Problem-solving using advanced machine learning models for prediction;
  • Programming;
  • Data visualization;
  • Use of proprietary social media analytic tools to look at health product influencers;
  • Regulatory implications of data in a health context;
  • Interplay of digital health product design and medical regulation;
  • Products, companies key to digital health;
  • Chronic diseases, aging at home and health and wellness issues;
  • Business context of digital health technologies and reimbursement.

 Program Details

Program Start   Annually each May (no other entry point is offered).
Duration  Two years, full-time (no part time option is offered).
Work Terms  Eight months are required to graduate; up to 12 months may be completed.
Work Terms Begin  May of Year 2 (following completion of 12 months of coursework).
Application Period  September to January annually; rolling admission is not offered; all applications are reviewed after the application deadline.
Admission Interviews  Required for short-listed candidates; admission offers commence upon the completion of interviews.

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