MBiotech Students in Class

Students are required to complete 9.0 graduate credits over a 24 month period:

    8 Science courses (4.0 credits) (includes credits for seminar series)
    4 Business courses (2.0 credits)
    2 Work Term courses (2.0 credits)
    1 Elective credit (can be another Work Term or graduate level science or business courses)

First Year

Commences in May

Summer Courses

Business course - Effective Management Practices and Biotechnology and Drug Manufacturing. Students learn how to work in teams and gain organizational behaviour skills.

Science courses - Biomaterials and Protein Chemistry Theory. Runs in conjunction with the Biomaterials and Protein Chemistry Lab course.

Science lab courses - Molecular Biology lab; Biomaterials & Protein Chemistry Lab. Intensive all day lab based courses that teach common and current techniques in biotechnology.

Fall Courses

Science courses - Biotechnology in Medicine. This lecture course deals with academic, applied and business perspectives of biotechnology.

Business courses - Fundamentals of Managerial Concepts; Society, Organizations and Technology. These courses introduce some basic concepts in the area of accounting, finance and marketing as examine the economic and business environment in which the biotechnology industry operates.

Seminar course - (runs from September-December) Biopartnering I. Involves both guest speakers from companies, government or academia and student presentations in scientific and/or business-orientated issues related to biotechnology.

Spring Courses

Work Term - Students begin a four month (minimum) placement in industry or university-based biotechnology laboratory.

Science Course - Biotechnology in Agriculture & Natural Products. This lecture course deals with academic, applied and business perspectives of biotechnology.

Second Year

Summer Course

Work Term - Students continue initial placement or begin a new four month (minimum) placement.

Fall & Spring Courses

Seminar course - (runs from September-December). Biopartnering II.

Business course - Management of Technological Innovation.

Elective course(s) - Either a third four-month Work Term or two science and/or business graduate courses offered at U of T.

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