Class of 2011: Miki Stanikic

MBiotech Class of 2011: Miki Stanikic
Sales Representative, AstraZeneca 

Miki StanikicMiki Stanikic is currently a Sales Representative with AstraZeneca and has been in that position for approximately 2.5 years. He started at AstraZeneca as an intern in the Innovation Department, created to look at ways to streamline processes and also act as a think-tank for novel ways to interact with their customers, namely physicians. It was an extremely unique experience in the sense that it forced Miki to immediately look at the pharmaceutical business through a lens of change, right from the start of his career. An example of a project he aided was a direct medical information line for physicians to call for any questions relating to any AstraZeneca product. This novel disruptive-innovation thinking mixed with Miki's gregarious character brought him into his sales role today. 
Miki currently works in a large span of the GTA as a primary care representative, and has had the privilege of promoting six products in diverse areas of medicine from cholesterol to asthma to schizophrenia. One of his most notable accomplishments in his sales role came very early where after his first year, he and his colleagues were won the top-performers "Legends" trip. It was a symbol of hard work, perseverance, and quick learning. Miki has also received over a dozen informal "Bravo" awards, which are peer- and manager-issued awards for those going above and beyond the scope of their role.
One of the best parts of the MBiotech Program for Miki was the sense of family that he built, and continues to maintain, with many of his classmates. According to Miki, it was amazing to share such a great experience with his peers who he continues to connect with, and are themselves are successful in a wide array of careers. Miki now looks at the world as a place of great opportunity and potential based on how he was taught to think in the program - and finds this can be extremely motivating and exciting in a realm of entrepreneurialism. 
"You just can't look at the world the same way when the amazing professors and admin staff touch your lives so many times over two years. I can say without a doubt, this program is probably the best thing I could have done for myself."