Class of 2007: Ilia Tikhomirov

MBiotech Class of 2007: Ilia Tikhomirov 

 IliaPresident & CEO, AvidBiologics Inc.

After MBiotech program, Ilia started with YM BioSciences Inc., a Canadian biotechnology company. He was initially an analyst who evaluated oncology in-licensing opportunities. He eventually became Associate Director of Science and oversaw preclinical programs and participated in promotion of the company's assets to investor community. In 2011, Ilia and YM entered into an agreement to spin-out a preclinical technology Ilia  developed in collaboration with National Research Council of Canada and Fox Chase Cancer Centre. The spin-out company, AvidBiologics Inc., closed Series A financing in 2012 and is commercialization of antibody-drug conjugates for the treatment of cancer.

There were 3 most valuable parts to Ilia's experience at MBiotech. The first was building lasting friendships with talented people who share the same passion for science and its practical applications. The second was developing the skill of rapidly researching and analyzing technologies and issues. Many assignments during the program required  evaluating novel technologies and their scientific commercial merits. This proved to be a very valuable skill for his future career. The third most valuable part of the experience was learning to work effectively in teams. Drug development is a highly complex industry and success depends on successful collaboration of many individuals. MBiotech experience prepared Ilia for this environment.

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