Biopharma - Curriculum Overview


Credit Requirements

Students enrolled in the Biopharmaceuticals specialization of MBiotech are required to complete 9.0 graduate course credits over a 24-month period on a full time basis. These 9.0 credits are comprised of the following:

  • 8 Science courses (0.5 credit each for a total of 4.0 credits) 
  • 4 Business courses (0.5 credit each for a total of 2.0 credits)
  • 2 Work Term courses (1.0 credit per term for a total of 2.0 credits)
  • 1 Elective credit (either a 3rd Work Term OR science or business graduate courses)

Our curriculum map was developed to provide a visual overview of the Biopharmaceutical course curriculum, detailing not only courses taken but also the topics/units delivered in each course.  Click here to view it and see how our curriculum develops, links and progresses over the duration of the program.



Curriculum Timeline

Biopharmaceutical students will complete their required courses as per the following timeline.  Please note that adjustments year to year are possible and that this timeline is meant as a guideline. Any updates to this would be announced to current students in the session prior to the course starting.

Curriculum Timeline



Course Descriptions

MBiotech is comprised of both required courses (which all students must take) as well as elective courses (which students may choose to take to satisfy their elective credit requirement OR simply out of interest). 

Please click on the individual links below to view course details and descriptions for MBiotech required and elective courses.

Required Courses: Biopharmaceuticals Specialization (MBiotech students only)

BTC1600H - Biopartnering Seminar (First Year)

BTC1610H - Biopartnering Seminar (Second Year)

BTC1700H - Molecular Biology Lab

BTC1710H - Protein Chemistry Theory

BTC1720H - Protein Chemistry Lab

BTC1800H - Biotechnology in Medicine

BTC1810H - Biotechnology and Drug Development

BTC1820H - Biotechnology in Agriculture

BTC2000H - Effective Management Practices

BTC2010H - Fundamentals of Managerial Accounting

BTC2020H - Society, Organizations and Technology

BTC2030H - Management of Technological Innovation

BTC1900Y - Work Term I

BTC1910Y - Work Term II

MBiotech Elective Courses (** indicates course is also open to non-MBiotech students)

BTC1920Y - Work Term III 

**BTC1860H - Generations of Advanced Medicine Biologics in Therapy (GAMBiT) - registration open for Winter 2020

BTC2100Y - Topics in Biotechnology (MBiotech students only - not offered Winter 2020)

BTC2110Y - Topics in Biotechnology II (MBiotech students only - registration open for Winter 2020)

BTC2120Y - Topics in Biotechnology III - Data Analytics (Winter 2020 - course full)

IMI Elective Courses (**indicates course is also open to non-MBiotech students):

**IMI3001H - Biocommercialization


**MBiotech students are also eligible to take any grad-level elective course offered at UofT. Elective course specifics would be available from the host department; some elective courses require specific course prerequisites.**