Biopartnering Seminar Series-Outline a process to increase the sales revenue of UCB Canada's Cimzia- 5 ResNova

Adam Smith, Andrea Stojanovski, Janella Beltran, Jinil Bhavsar, Michelle Ho, Tayyab Pirzada, Yvonne Chang
Tuesday, October 29, 2019 - 6:30am


To increase the sales of Cimzia in Canada, CELLestial has proposed a webinar series featuring an advisory panel in rheumatology to discuss topics in arthritis, with a focus on women’s health. Specifically, treatment options for women of childbearing age will be discussed. Cimzia has a competitive advantage in this patient population because it is a TNF-α inhibitor with clinical evidence showing minimal placental and breastmilk transfer if the mother is exposed while pregnant or breastfeeding. Furthermore, CELLestial has estimated that 51,000 Canadian patients fall within this group. 2-8 We have calculated that this webinar has the potential to generate $1.5 million in sales per webinar. 9-13 A webinar series was chosen because online platforms are becoming more popular for physicians to receive information, and are more economically feasible than increasing the number of sales representatives. 14,15 Expanding the number of indications was also explored; however, the cost of clinical trials and upcoming patent expiration made this option economically unfeasible. 16 Why We Care: Cimzia has been shown to be clinically equivalent to Humira, in addition to demonstrating minimal placental and breastmilk transfer. 1,17 However, these strengths are not reflected in its sales due to factors such as an established competitor history and economically limited marketing efforts. 16,18 CELLestial believes that more patients, specifically women of childbearing age, can benefit from Cimzia.