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Biopartnering Seminar Series - Yescarta - By MACAWSix

Tuesday, November 3, 2020 - 6:15pm

Abstract: Currently, there are two Health Canada-approved CD-19 directed autologous T-cell immunotherapies for those affected by large B-cell lymphoma: Yescarta® by Gilead and Kymriah®️ by Novartis. A roadblock to receiving recommendations from CADTH lies in the sizeable ~$400,000/treatment price tag, preventing provincial payers from approving Yescarta®️ and Kymriah®️ for reimbursement. Since both of these therapies are similar in price and mechanism of action, it brings forth the question of: How can Gilead differentiate its product Yescarta®️ from Kymriah®️ to provincial payers across Canada? We compare Yescarta®️ and Kymriah®️ using clinical evidence to demonstrate differences in study design, efficacy, and adverse events. Beyond the clinical data, we aim to differentiate the product by identifying gaps in psychosocial support within the patient experience after CAR-T infusion and create a potential solution. We propose a mobile application as an extension to the pre-existing KiteKonnect program which can connect patients with HCPs, other patients, and clinical psychologists to provide mental health support. Additionally, to alleviate financial burden, we propose a 100% cost coverage of both hospitalization and housing fees, alongside a living stipend by Gilead for a period of 4 weeks post-infusion that patients and their caregivers are required to be away from work and living near a Yescarta®️ Authorized Treatment Centre. It is our hope that the clinical differences and the proposed patient-support strategy will elevate Yescarta®️’s value beyond that of its competitor for the treatment of large B-cell lymphoma.

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