Raza Zaheer

Biopartnering Seminar Series - Industry collaborations in Canada: Is COVID-19 a Catalyst? - Raza Zaheer

Tuesday, October 6, 2020 - 6:30pm
Industry Collaborations in Canada: Is COVID-19 a Catalyst?


COVID-19 has impacted every corner of the world and enabled biopharmaceutical industry collaborations once thought to be impossible (e.g. Sanofi and GSK vaccine collaboration) to help bring this pandemic under control. This presentation will review what novel collaborations have occurred because of COVID-19, the speed at which decision-making enabled this deals and the devil-in-the-details, but also discuss whether these types of hasty and unique partnerships are the future or an aberration. Moreover, the session will also focus on how industry collaborates within Canada in a number of areas where the go-at-it-alone approach is not feasible nor warranted. 


Raza Zaheer works at GlaxoSmithKline Canada where he holds two roles, including Respiratory Scientific Director and R&D Alliances Director. Each role collectively allows him to see how a molecule goes from pipette to pipeline to patient. He started at GSK in 2013 as a Medical Science Liaison based in Vancouver before making the transition to his current roles in 2017 based in Mississauga. Raza holds a Ph.D. in Respiratory Sciences from the University of Calgary where his research focused on the inflammatory and immune responses underlying human rhinovirus-induced exacerbations of lower airway disease. He went on to pursue a post-doctoral fellowship in gastrointestinal inflammation and modulation of epithelial barrier function by protease activated receptors

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