Alumni Profiles

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 Class of 2018
Rob Iaboni
Rob Iaboni

 Class of 2017
Krysten Hobbs
Krysten Hobbs

 Class of 2016
Amarpreet Kaur
Amarpreet Kaur

 Class of 2015
Alexandria Albanese
Alexandria Albanese

 Class of 2014
Jessica Nguyen
Jessica Headshot

 Class of 2013
Isha DatarIsha Datar Headshot

 Class of 2012
Yusuf Ibrahim
Yusuf Ibrahim

 Class of 2011
Shantanu Mittal
Shantanu Headshot

 Class of 2010
Eva Furczon
Eva Furzcon Headshot

 Class of 2009
Pete Bastedo
Pete Headshot

 Class of 2008
Josh Sookman
Josh Headshot

 Class of 2007
Ji Hye Ohn
Ji Hye Headshot

 Class of 2006
Natalie Coletta

 Class of 2005
Ludwika Forster

 Class of 2004 
Richard Roy

 Class of 2003
Michael Migus