Admissions Requirements

Did you know that before beginning the application process you can do a self-assessment?  Learn more!

Do you have a four-year Bachelor Degree (B.Sc) and a minimum mid-B (75 per cent) average in the final two years of undergraduate study?

If you are considering our Digital Health Technologies (DHT) steam, do you some experience with life science subject areas (eg. biological or chemical sciences)? You will be required to demonstrate quantitative training, which can be illustrated through at least two upper-year courses in the following subject areas: statistics, population genetics, biometrics, econometrics, computer science, applied chemistry, physics etc.

Review your final two years of study which is equivalent to the final/most recent 10 credits taken (for which final grades have been received). Remember:

  • 0.5/3.0 credit courses are considered as a 1/2 credit
  • 1.0/6.0 credit courses are considered as 1 credit

Simply count back from your most-recent courses completed, chronologically, until you have 10 credits total. Average the grades from these courses to see if you meet the requirement. Part-time and summer courses are to be included and do not affect the count.

While MBiotech combines science and business curriculum, no business courses are required for admission — just the interest! Similarly, applicants do NOT need  programming or statistical background to apply to DHT.

Note: ​Due to the competitive nature of the application process, a GPA higher than the minimum may be required to recieve an offer for interview or admission. The average GPA of admitted students is typically between 83 per cent and 85 per cent in the final two years of study. Applications are considered on a case-by-case basis, with all required documents being factored in.

If you feel you meet the admission requirements, you can then apply as either a domestic or international applicant in September 2021. For more details, review the Application Documents required and How To Apply.